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Looking for a platform to play cricket or any other sports online and want to make money then this is a platform for you. Have an opinion about the sports team and about their playing show your talent and get a chance to win big.

Dream11 is India’s biggest online fantasy game where you can use your skill and luck to win big. It offer sports fans a platform to showcase their sport”s knowledge. Fans can create their own team of real-life players from upcoming matches and if selected players play well then they get a chance to win prizes in form of Cash.

Dream11 helped fans to get attached to the match at the individual level instead of just being a spectator.

Fantasy Gaming – It is a type of game, often played using the internet where participants assemble their imaginary or virtual team of real players of a professional sports. The virtual team compete with each other on the basis of statical performance of those players in the actual game.

About Dream11

How big Dream11 is? Is it real or fake you might be thinking of this

Facts & Figures about Dream11

  • Dream11 has a user base of more than 100 Million i.e 7 crore users.
  • It has 17+ top official sports partners like ICC, IPL, NBA, KFC BBL, ABU DHABI T10, REDMI KPL, etc.
  • The estimated revenue generated by the company annually is $10 Million.
  • It has raised total funding of $100 Million from 5 funding rounds. Their latest funding was raised on April 9, 2019 from a secondary market round.
  • 4 investors have funded this company. SteadView capital and Tencent Holdings are the most recent investors.

Is this gambling platform or not. We should play it or not and if yes, then how? We are going to discuss all this in the next section and I will also give you all a bonus tip to win.

Dream11- luck or skill?

Well, Dream11 is legally accepted by the government of India because it is different from gambling. On gambling winning totally depends on luck whereas winning on Dream11 depends on your sports knowledge, skills and little bit on luck.

Dream11 is a game of skill – The element of skill had a predominant influence on the outcome of the Dream11game, which follows the following format:-

  • Participants have to choose a team consisting of at-least the same number of players as playing in a real-life sports .(Cricket/football/basketball or any other)
  • All contest are run for at-least the duration of the full match.
  • No team changes are allowed by participants after the start of the sports match.
dream11 testimonialThis are said by Indian government. So, we can conclude that Dream11 is safe and legal. If it is so then

How it is different from or betting?

-In match fixing or betting people use to bet during the match and on a players of single team. To win the bet they used to buy players or team work accordingly but on Dream11 they can’t do so.

On Dream11 each and every individuals select own 11 team players from both the team (not necessarily) so there is no chances of match-fixing. Who ever select the specific team, higher the score or reward their possibility of winning is higher.

How Dream11 Works 

At Dream11 people select their dream11 team consist of same numbers of players they are playing in the sports. The selection of team members are done on the basis of their knowledge of sports that are going to play in the upcoming matches which will be on Air, what kind of players you think are in form. “One with the highest score will win”.

Ways to make money with Dream11-

  1. Download the app from their website or play at their site.
  2. Register yourself with your Email-id and verify with it.
  3. Log in with your registered email-id.  (You can use someone’s referral code to login or register to get Rs 100 as bonus which can further used to play leagues)
  4. Choose the league in which you want to play. Dream11 offers you range of leagues and varying numbers of competitors.
  5. Choose the players according to the sports. In Cricket you can choose 1 Wicket-keeper, 4 All-rounders, 4 batsman and 3 ballers. (Number of players vary according to your choices)
  6. Once you have all the the above things now you  have to pay the entrance fee. Once match is started
  7. Your selected player’s performance will give you points.
  8. If you points are higher than the rest of your competitors than you win the league.
  9. You are awarded with the prices in the form of money which you further can transfer to you bank account.

Reward points Of Dream11 Cricket Fantasy gaming:

For 1 Run = 0.5 points

1 Catch = 4 points

For a Wickets ballers get = 12 points

dream11 how to play

Tips to play Dream11 games-

  • Always play the game with strategy. The leagues you choose, the players you choose all should be done according to strategy to win.
  • While selecting a league calculate the probability of you winning. The more probability you have more matches you win. In a league, you can enter with you 4 teams.
  • Choose players who have more than 75% selection percentage.
  • Choose players according to their past performance.
  • Try to choose a player who’s a style of playing suits with the behavior of the pitch.
  • The most important is choosing Captain and Vice-Captain wisely.

Business Prospect of Dream11

The Company “Dream11” was founded by Harsha Jai and Bhavit Sheth in the year 2008. It became India’s first $1 Billion Fantasy Gaming Unicorn company. Their Company grow drastically when they made Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a Brand Ambassador in the year 2012 and partnered with the top official sports partners.

Marketing Strategy used by Dream 11 for their market capture

  1. Dream 11 understood and encashed user behaviour. Dream11 know that people like to share their sports knowledge, Chance to get famous and get extra income which they can do on their platform.
  2. Coarse correction – Dream11 bend and corrected the user experience by studying user-behaviour deeply.
  3. Getting investors and convince them – Dream11 owners knocked more than 150 doors of investor for their initial funding.
  4. The main objection of the company was beating the negative factor with Right advertisement – Initially Dream11 was seen as a gambling platform but choosing the “Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a brand ambassador” they showed their platform as a game of skill.
  5. Referral business model – To make new customers they launches the referral system so that they can acquire large user-base.

Revenue Model

Dream11 initially started with Advertisement revenue model but vastly they change it toFreemium model. They have two primary earning sources –

  1. When any league take place they earn 15% to 25% commission of the league which vary according to the entry fee and number of players or teams and distributing 75% as the winning prices. The less the entrance fee the more their commission will be and vice-versa.
  2. They also earn from the membership fee or premium members as a recurring revenue model.

It’s upto you whether you can earn by participating in tournament or being a member of the Dream11 OR by launching your own platform on the same business model but with others games like PUBG, FIFA, FORTNIGHT, COC, Etc.

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